The Drodul Summer Programme, 2017

༈ བལ་ཡུལ་ཨ་འཛོམ་འགྲོ་འདུལ་གཙུག་ལག་སློབ་གཉེར་ཁང་།




Azom Monastery Nepal

Azom Monastery Nepal


4th June – 29th July

30th July – 23rd September



The Drodul Programme is under the guidance and support of Azom Jurmey Jamtso Rinpoche and run through the Azom Drodul Buddhist Institute, which is the centre for lay Buddhist studies in Azom Monastery. Our central aim is thus to facilitate Azom Rinpoche’s aspiration to spread the dharma to all those with the desire and dedication to learn.


The Azom Drodul programme currently runs courses in Tibetan language. Students may also study some mind training and meditation techniques and practices in conjunction with and as a support for their main subject.

For the duration of the programme, students reside in the lay students’ centre of Azom Monastery (The Genyen Centre), nestled in the sacred hills of Dollu (near Pharping) on the edge of the Kathmandu valley.

Students with H.E. Azom Namtrul Tsultrim Jurmey Jamtso Rinpochi

Students with H.E. Azom Namtrul Tsultrim Jurmey Jamtso Rinpochi

We aim to provide our students with the peace and tranquillity that is conducive to serious study but with time for individual practice, reflection and to attend dharma teachings. We aim to provide a supportive and friendly environment, which both reflects the traditions of Tibetan monastic culture but that is appropriate for a modern studentship, in terms of learning methods and expectations.

The courses are each of 8 weeks duration and they are intensive. Students are expected to attend all classes, (from Monday to Friday), to complete all assigned homework on time and to be self-motivated in their revision and private studies. Each day, students will have one hour of class with their main teacher, one hour of review class and two hours of language partner.

We encourage you to make the very most of this precious opportunity, separated from the distractions of worldly hustle and bustle. We encourage you to listen, reflect and meditate to the best of your ability.


Our Monks


The Tibetan language programme at Azom Monastery offers students full immersion into colloquial spoken and written Tibetan (with an emphasis on Dharma terminology for the understanding of Buddhism). The beginner, intermediate and advanced language courses are designed to be accessible to non-English speakers as well as English speakers. If we have enough speakers of Chinese or Russian, we will organise a separate class with instruction in those languages.

Students will be taught spoken and written colloquial Tibetan, with an emphasis on dharma terminology. This course is open to all levels of Tibetan proficiency (beginner, intermediate and advanced). At the beginner level course, there is no previous knowledge of Tibetan required.


Each day, students will have one hour of review class in small groups and 2 hours individually with language partners. In a relaxed environment, students will be able to practice their spoken Tibetan, clarify anything that was not clear in the class, and get help with the homework. The language partners and review teachers are native Tibetan speakers.


Advanced students have the opportunity to develop a more individualised programme in consultation with the teacher, depending on their interests and previous studies.


Learning a new language is hard. If you fall behind early on, classes can be overwhelming and frustrating.  For that reason, any student who needs it will be offered extra classes individually or in small groups.


In the past we have been lucky to have some great teachers. In 2015 the main teacher was Gen Mingyur Dorje and in 2016 the main teacher was Gen Nyingma Sherpa. Both are Acharyas from CUTS in Varanassi with a strong background in Buddhist philosophy as well as being experienced and committed teachers. The teacher for 2017 is to be confirmed.

Class room

Class room




There are two good reasons for learning Tibetan. It is very important for a complete understanding of Tibetan Buddhism. To know Tibetan opens the door for self-study and study with Tibetan lamas without obstacle. The second reason is that nowadays, Tibetan speakers live across many national borders. This makes it difficult to keep the Tibetan language alive. If the Tibetan language disappears, we will lose a valuable religious culture and many branches of knowledge. To study Tibetan as a second language will help strengthen this ancient culture.

Nowadays, to have all the favourable external conditions to learn Tibetan is rare.

It can be expensive, difficult to find good teachers and the right environment in which one can focus on their studies with full commitment. Throughout the programme, students have a comfortable environment, where everything is provided, to support their studies in a full immersion Tibetan Language programme.

Class Room

Class Room

Azom Monastery

Azom Monastery


Depending on availability, rooms may also be available for retreat and private study in the comfort of the Drodul building and the beauty of the majestic and spiritual environment of our monastery in Dallu. Residents who are not taking part in the formal programmes would still be welcome to join any meditation sessions, Rinpoche’s teachings and short courses taught by visiting lamas.

Azom Monks

Azom Monks


The monastery is located in Dallu, a small village close to Pharping on the edge of the Kathmandu Valley. It is about 30 minutes walk to the centre of Pharping and the sacred cave where Guru Padmasabhava (a great yogi saint of Tibetan Buddhism) is said to have achieved great realisation. Walking distance from the monastery is a cave of the revered yogini Yeshe Tsogyal. The spectacular monastery is nestled in amongst scenic forest on the mountainside. The area is perfect for group hiking and peaceful meditation. The road to Kathmandu is 7 minutes walk from the monastery. The monastery is close to local shops where food and basic necessities can be purchased.

azom Monastery

Azom Monastery

Azom Monastery Nepal

Azom Monastery Nepal


Students reside in the Genyen Centre of Azom Monastery. The building is new and the rooms are clean and sunny. All rooms are with attached bathroom. Students usually have their own room but may choose to share. Rooms are available also for couples however young children cannot be accommodated. The bathrooms use solar hot water, which means that in the afternoons and early evenings there is hot water for showering. The centre has Wi-Fi though due to the location it is often unreliable. There is a generator that is used at night and in the early morning when there is no electricity.

Azom Drodul Institute room

Azom Drodul Institute room

Nutritious vegetarian meals are served three times a day. Tea is served twice a day in the morning and afternoon. Clean drinking water is available from the dining room. Students are advised not to drink the tap water.












Azom Drodul Institute

Azom Drodul Institute

Azom Drodul Institute

Azom Drodul Institute

Azom Drodul Institute

Azom Drodul Institute


Students will have classes from Monday to Friday, with enough free time during the day to relax with the other students, do individual practice, self study and washing, etc.  On the weekends, students are free to relax at the monastery or explore the Kathmandu valley.

The students will have one day tour in the middle of the programme A and B.





The cost of the programme is meant to cover operation expenses of the programme. We have tried to keep these fees to a minimum to make the programme as accessible as possible.

For each 8 week programme:

Accommodation Tibetan Classes Registration Total
350 (with food) 300 50 700 USD
400 (with scholarship)** 50 450 USD

** Partial scholarships are available for students who could not otherwise afford to come. Please email and ask for a scholarship application. Scholarship applications are due by 1st May, 2017 AT THE LATEST.

A 50 USD deposit will confirm your place in the programme. The remainder of the fees are to be paid in full on arrival at the Drodul Centre reception. You can either pay in USD or in equivalent Nepali Rupees or other currency.

Azom Drodul Institute Nepal

Azom Drodul Institute Nepal



Studying Tibetan or Philosophy in the Drodul programme offers a unique opportunity not only for the self-development of the students themselves but also for spread of dharma throughout the world. However there are many, who have the enthusiasm to dedicate themselves to serious study but do not have the funds to do so. We thus humbly request that anyone who is in a position to sponsor a student, consider funding half the cost of the programme so that it is accessible to all with the sincere wish to learn the authentic Buddha dharma. Scholarship will be awarded by the Drodul Committee on the basis of need, evidence of commitment to the dharma and future intentions.

Azom Monks

Azom Monks


For more information, and for an application form, please email



Azom Drodul

Azom Drodul


We request that all students respect the following rules for the duration of their stay.

  1. Please behave appropriate to the monastic setting. Respect the 5 precepts

(No Killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct or intoxicants.)

  1. Your place in the programme will be confirmed when you pay 50% of the

programme cost. We request you pay the full cost of the programme on arrival.

  1. If you have any physical or mental illnesses, you must inform our staff beforehand so we can inform you of the facilities that we have available.
  2. Although we will try to assist you in the case of a health emergency, the monastery does not have the resources to provide ambulance and emergency facilities. Please keep this in mind.
  3. You must have travel/health insurance to join this programme. If you do not, you may pay a 300 USD deposit to the Drodul Centre to be used to pay for hospital fees in a case of an emergency. If not used, this money will be returned to you on your departure.
  4. If you are engaging in any illegal activities, the monastery cannot protect you from Nepali law.
  5. Smoking any substance including cigarettes, drinking alcohol or taking prohibited substances is not permitted on monastery grounds, as is being intoxicated within the monastery.
  6. When requested, please aid the staff in doing what is necessary for the smooth

running of the residence.

  1.  Do not enter into the school except with special permission.
  2. Please take good care of the things that the monastery has provided you with so

that future students may benefit from their use including library books. Do not

stick anything to the walls of the rooms.

  1. Please leave your bed sheets at the front desk to be washed each Friday.
  2. Dress appropriately: No tight fitting clothes. No see-through clothes. No low

cut or sleeveless tops. No short shorts.

  1. Please respect other students by remaining quiet during study and meditation


  1. Please show due respects to the teachers, staff and monks of the monastery.
  2. Azom Gonpa is in the Nyingma lineage, but the Azom Drodul programme is

non-sectarian. We welcome Buddhists and non-Buddhists. We operate on the

principle of compassion, harmony and equality for all and we thus, request that

all students show respect for the cultural differences and spiritual beliefs of


  1. Please be honest with staff. We are responsible for the welfare of all the lay

students, monks and teachers of the monastery. As such, we reserve the right to

ask any student to leave who is not following the rules or is causing difficulties

in the functioning of the monastery at any time during the programme without


  1. Please keep in mind that, the way of giving teaching organized by the

administration, won’t be changed according to the opinion of individual student.