Azom Jurmey Jamtso Rinpoche

H.E. Azom Namtrul Tsultrim Jurmey Jamtso Rinpoche, (Azom Jurmey
Jamtso Rinpoche) was born in the family of Palmo and Tsetan in 1970. His
date of birth fell on the 25th day of the first Tibetan month, a holy festival of
dakinis. He was born near Tsangdo Gompug Monastery in the Kham region
of Tibet. He was given the name Palzang, and from his young age he
demonstrated the qualities of a tulku (reincarnate lama).
Later, after his family moved to Tromkhog, he went into refuge and
took upasaka vows (the 5 precepts) with the actual Azom lineage holder,
H.E. Azom Drugtrul Thubten Pema Trinlay, and monastic vows from
Khenpo Soga of Dokhok Monastery. As a young monk, Jurmey Jamtso
Rinpoche was taken care by H.E. Azom Jamyang Chokyi Nyima (Thubten
Pema Trinlay’s son and the current Azom lineage holder), and he received
detailed instructions on the Pema Nyingtig practices from ngondro, tsalung
and dzogchen. Over the years, H.E Thubten Pema Trinlay conferred on
him the empowerments, transmisssions and instructions of the Nyingma
tradition. In particular, he gave the teachings on the twenty-five spheres of
Azom Drodul Pawo Dorje.
When Jurmey Jamtso Rinpoche was twenty one years old he was
recognised as the 4th reincarnation of Azom Namtrul Repa Namkha Dorje
by H.E. Thubten Pema Trinlay and H.E. Jamyang Chokyi Nyingma. From
his 25th year, having gone to Pal Larung Ngarig Nanten Lobling (Serta
Monastery) in Tibet, he studied sutra, mantra and the traditional fields of
knowledge with great masters such as Khenchen Jigme Phuntsok. Then he
went to India, the land of the noble ones, and met with many perfect beings
such as the H.H. Dalai Lama; H.H. Penor Rinpoche, H.H. Sakya Trinzin,
receiving from them various empowerments, oral transmissions and
Then, in accordance with the injunction of H.E. Jamyang Chokyi
Nyingma and the urgent request of Lama Rigzin Palden, he went to the
upper Chokhor valley in Bumthang, Bhutan, and taught the Nyingtig
teachings of the Azom lineage to the people of Bhutan.
During that time in Bhutan he had an audience with H.H. Dodrub
Rinpoche and asked him for guidance of the direction to take. Jurmay
Jamtso Rinpoche was advised to dedicate himself to spreading the dharma
rather than focusing only on intensive retreat. H.E. Jamyang Chokyi
Nyingma Rinpoche advised that Dollu would be the best place to establish
his monastery, and thus, the seeds Azom Wosel Dongag Chokher Ling
Monastery were planted.
Since building this monastery, he has worked tirelessly to create the perfect
internal and external conditions for the flourishing of the dharma; providing
spiritual guidance, education and care for more then 200 monks and about
twenty teachers and staff who reside there.