Winter Language Programme 2015

Dates: Tues. 3rd November – Tues. 29th December. Duration: 8 weeks
Nowadays it is quite a rare thing to obtain all the favourable
conditions to learn Tibetan. It can be expensive, difficult to find good
teachers and the right environment in which one can focus on his or her
studies with full commitment. Throughout the Azom Drodul Wsinter
Programme our students have a comfortable environment, where
everything is provided to support their studies in a full immersion.
The Tibetan language programme at Azom Monastery offers students
an opportunity to learn spoken and written Tibetan (with an emphasis on
dharma terminology). During eight weeks students reside in the lay
students’ centre of Azom Monastery (The Genyen Centre), nestled in the
sacred hills of Dollu (near Pharping) on the edge of the Kathmandu valley.
We aim at providing our students with peace and tranquility that is
conducive to serious study, giving them enough time for individual practice,
reflection and dharma teachings. We aim at providing a supportive and
friendly environment, which both reflects the traditions of Tibetan monastic
culture and is appropriate for a modern studentship in terms of learning
methods and expectations. Our teachers are excellent and experienced,
their professional skills and enthusiastic work support our students in
fulfilling their learning goals.

Daily classes (from Monday till Friday):
Language classes (beginner/intermediate/ advanced).
Jurmey Jamtso Rinpoche’s teachings on mind training
(recommended for Buddhist practitioners).
Classical Tibetan grammar classes (optional for intermediate and
advanced students).
Language partner sessions.
Daily group meditation classes.
`Self‐study and reflection time.
For more information about the Winter language programme at Azom
Drodul Institute, please email Tsomo on

We launched our Language Programme in 2015