Under the Spiritual guidance of H.E. Azom Namtrul Tsultrim Jurmey
Jamtso Rinpoche, (Azom Jurmey Jamsto Rinpoche), Azom Wosel Dongag
Chokher Ling Monastery is located in the sacred mountains of Dollu, near
Parphing on the edge of the Kathmandu Valley. Our monastery is the
Nepalese branch of the glorious Azom Lineage, within the Kathog school,
which is one of the six main schools of the Nyigma tradition of Tibetan
Our monastery aims to provide love, care and education to the over
200 student monks who reside here. We aim at spreading the authentic
teachings of the Buddha to all who wish to learn. We aim at preserving the
sacred teachings of our lineage, that of the Osel Nyingtig and our ancient
Buddhist traditions and practices. Above all, we aim to stand tall as a
beacon of bodhichitta, offering spiritual guidance and fostering compassion
in the hearts of all sentient beings.